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anaut presenta su nuevo disco: time goes on. Doce canciones con un hilo conductor: los cambios que necesariamente trae el paso del tiempo.
Grabado en analógico por un total de 16 músicos, entre los que se cuentan artistas de la talla de Jon Cleary o Antonio Serrano time goes on supone un paso fundamental en la trayectoria de la banda.

Profundiza en la música de raiz americana, incorporando infuencias del folk y el rock al sonido rhythm & blues de ANAUT. La banda quiere hacer disfrutar a los que ya les siguen desde su primer Lp "140" y conquistar a los que aún no los conocen. Sus argumentos son buenas canciones, un sonido cálido y esa mezcla de feeling y energía que ha hecho de ANAUT una formación bandera de la música americana en España.

Fruto de dos años de trabajo, el nuevo disco de ANAUT plasma el lado más crudo de las sesiones de grabación para dejar las canciones en lo esencial y dotarlas de un sonido puro.
Time goes on llega en tiempos de cambio para recordarnos que lo mejor está siempre por llegar. Verá la luz el próximo 2 de febrero.

Estas doce canciones se han grabado en los estudios Brazil y Funkameba de Madrid, dos templos de la grabación analógica en nuestro país, entre junio y septiembre de 2015. Previamente, la banda realizó una preproducción en su estudio.
La mezcla ha corrido a cargo de Tonio Martínez, de L17 MusicLab, Córdoba.

Las letras denotan un trabajo de refexión y una temática común: los inevitables cambios que trae el paso del tiempo y las diferentes maneras de abordarlos. La banda misma ha pasado por varios cambios de formación hasta establecerse el sexteto que, desde hace dos años, trabaja de manera estable en el estudio y en los escenarios.

ANAUT está formada por Alberto Anaut (voz y guitarras), Gabri Casanova (teclados), Javier Geras (bajo, contrabajo y coros), Javier Skunk (batería), Alberto Arteta (saxo tenor) y Javier Martínez (trompeta).
Time goes on verá la luz el próximo dos de febrero de 2016 y se editará en vinilo, CD y en formato digital. La edición en vinilo incluye, además, un código de descarga del disco en archivo mp3 de alta calidad.

El diseño gráfco de la obra corre a cargo de Fernando Gutierrez, encargado de diseños tan insignes como El País de las Tentaciones, la revista COLORS, el Museo del Diseño de Londres, el Centro de Arte Reina Sofía o el Museo Nacional del Prado, entre otros muchos.


released February 2, 2016

Songs 3,4,5,7,8,10,11 and (12) written by
A. Anaut.

Songs 1,2,6,9 written by A. Anaut, G. Casanova,
J. Geras and D. Hernando.

Lyrics by A. Anaut.

All tracks arranged by ANAUT.



all rights reserved


ANAUT Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: You got me in heat
Like a dog that’s been waiting, waiting
home alone. Like thunder in a summer
storm waiting for it’s time to fall. From
the moment I smelled you I knew no
other scent would do. Once I kissed
your lips I began to know the truth. If
everybody’s got two arms two legs, two
eyes and a beautiful face. How come
you’re the only one, you’re the only one
I want. You’re the only one I want. Like
a stalking tiger with a prey in sight.
When I close my eyes I bite the most
delicious fruit. Your skin is the soil
where my dreams take root. I can’t
wait for the time when your hips and
my lips get together again. When I
wake up and I ain’t got no you, I can’t
help feeling so blue. I remember the
days when we had each other. Feeling
full and still hungry. All I got was you
to eat, there ain’t nothing -oh- as sweet.
Now I don’t, now I don’t, you got me in
Track Name: Little by little
Climbing up from daily life here he
comes on his way to the light. Little by
little one step at a time every rock is
left behind. He just got rid of that bag
of pain and he knows he could do it
again. It’s not about reaching the top,
but he needs to make a change.
Move on go on to the place that you
wanna know. Forgive forget in every
way. It is good being mature, but it
ain’t bad being a child. Little by little
those who love you will understand. Not
long ago he learned not to confuse fame
with success. Those who are always
around ain’t the ones who will always
be there. On his way to the peak there
wasn’t room for two, so he couldn’t
share the view. Now he knows, now
he´s got the clues. Now he knows how
to get through. Move on, go on, to the
place where you belong. Forgive, forget,
every day. It is good to grow old, as long
as you got someone to love. Little by
little those who care will understand.
We spend our lifes trying to nd the
key, open the door and set ourselves
free. When we’re children we still don’t
know we know. When we’re old we
sometimes forget it is open, people.
It is LOVE, people.
Track Name: Far, not fast
I'm giving you back all my promises.
I’m giving you back my hopes and
dreams. I went through all that I had to
do. I planted a tree and I wrote my
book. I’m walking slow meaning every
step, leaving behind this emptiness.
Now you know you won’t see me again,
you can all choose who I am. I heard
that somebody broke into my house. He
drives my car and lives my life now. He
pays my bills and he
runs my bar. It doesn’t really matter
now I’m travelling far. I ain’t running
I’m not looking back, just living life long
and wide. I won’t be ready till I nd
what I'm looking for.
Track Name: Guilt
Engine starts the road back home.
What’s left behind doesn’t matter
anymore. For better or for worse I can’t
recall my name. I you were me would
you play a dierent game? Should we
be what we ain’t? You could switch
names or look forward and ask the day
for more.
Will my days be brighter on my own?
Should I feel this guilt or maybe not? I
don’t know, I don’t know. When you
breathe, you’re taking someone’s air.
You’ll have to live with it.
Track Name: When you take it slow (feat. Jon Cleary)
When nights are rainy and my money’s
short, I know a place, an open place
that’s really close. No need for money,
honey, to have it all. Oh, rain can be so
sweet when you take it slow. Take it
slow my baby. The road to happiness
has always been full of risks. If you
think you know it, rest assured: you’re
gonna miss. I know you want it, you
wanna get there but those who rush
don’t go anywhere. Life hits you only
when you ow. Get in line, get in line,
we’re gonna take it slow.
Take my hand let’s walk this traic
jam. The party is on and we’re not far.
Track Name: Stab
You take your knife and you hold it
tight. One more step and you’ll be right
by my side. You say hello with your
biggest smile. You better make sure
this time it’s sharp. I won’t cry I won’t
shout I won’t feel it coming, I’d grab
your hand and do it myself. No more
excuses. Cut that crap. You better make
sure this time it’s sharp. This time it’s
sharp. You knock me out of the body I
grew in, I’ll turn my freedom into your
bane. Go ahead and betray me again,
I’ll turn your treason into my grin. I
won’t cry I won’t shout I won’t feel it
coming. I’d grab your hand and do it
myself. No more excuses, cut that crap.
You better make sure this time it’s
sharp. You use my trust to get closer
and closer. You use my love to forge
your blade. You use my friends, you win
them over. It’s fun to watch how evil is
made. I won’t cry I won’t shout I won’t
feel it coming
Track Name: The maze
Every island is a dierent story.
Every second is a dierent time.
New begginings for the same old
tale. Where every ending is a place to
start. Some of us are living in the past
though we know it won’t be coming
back. Some of us are living on the moon
thinking it will all be over soon. Over
soon. If you y among this sea, you will
see how dierent life can be.
‘Cause you can be the richest farmer,
you can be the empty tree. When you
rest among these moutains you will
learn this rule for good: there’s no such
a thing as hard times, as long as you’re
around. If you’re looking for the maze
where your life is someone else’s:
you came to the wrong place. If you’re
hiding from yourself without facing that
there´s no one like you: think before you
do. But if you know you can make
someone else happy:

you better do stay.
Track Name: I ain't gonna be with you
You won’t have to stand my promises. I
will never feel alone. On the day we got
together you were dressed in green.
Now we know it lasts no longer, black’s
the color you’re in. If only you, if only
you, you would have seen. I ain’t gonna
be with you no more.
Please don’t think that I regret this, but
I need to see to believe. I’m not happy
now on my own, but I wasn’t before. If
only you, if only you, you would have
seen. I ain’t gonna be with you no
more, I ain’t gonna be with you no
Track Name: Doesn't really really matter
Driving back home with my wallet, my
keys and myself alone. Where do I live
it is something I just can’t recall. Did I
close the door when I left my home
three months ago. Who I am doesn’t
really really matter anymore. Back
then when I was a kid I thought I knew
what I wanted to be. I’ll play guitar I’ll
be a star, I won’t forget to raise a
family. But when the little boy I used to
be is the dude standing here who I am
doesn’t really really matter anyway. I
remember being close to the woman
that I liked the most. I loved her, she
loved me. How can anything go wrong?
But when she slams the door and leaves
me home walking with another boy,
who I am doesn’t really really really
really really matter anymore.
Track Name: I love the way you lie
I’ve been dreaming ’bout the thing you
said today. You were ying on a horse
or so you said. Tiny people were
clapping their hands, in our kingdom in
the west. I don’t mind if it’s true or not.
What is right, what’s wrong, doesn’t
matter anymore. ’Cause when you
smile, little boy I feel that I’ll never
grow old. All the lies you say they don’t
matter, only the light in your eyes and
your laughter. Let me tell you it is just
because I: I love the way you lie, I love
the way that you make up stories. I also
make them mine. You’re a rockstar
drummer, I can play my trumpet for
you. You’re a dinosaur, I’m your buddy
astronaut. True or false I just don’t
care, but when you’re happy I wanna be
there. Let me tell you it is just because
I: I love the way you lie, I love the way
that you make up stories. I also make them
Track Name: This too shall pass
Time goes on and on forever and this
too shall pass. When all the happiness
is gone all the sadness, it too shall pass.
When the sun starts to fade water
drowns the land. Below the salt the
roots are waiting. They’ll be waiting
’cause tide will turn.
Happy or in pain none of this will last.
Only change remains and this too shall
Now you love me now you hate me but
I’ll be waiting. I’ll be waiting here
’cause this too shall pass.